Parent Them Successful

#020: Mom! You Need Self-Care, Too!

January 25, 2022 Jessika Shields & Asherah Eden Episode 20
Parent Them Successful
#020: Mom! You Need Self-Care, Too!
Show Notes

This episode is for all the moms out there!  Self-care is something that takes a conscious effort and should never be taken for granted. That's why I interviewed Asherah Eden, a women’s self-care mentor, to weigh in on the conversation. She helps women honor their big emotions while reclaiming their beauty and power, so that they can have the impact they are meant to make in the world. And what other impact is greater than being able to parent our children? Right? 

Find out about small steps you can take to honor the importance of being in tune with your own mind and body, and your own self care, so that you can better serve your child.

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